Colm Joseph Cambridgeshire Garden designer perennial meadow modern architecture contemporary planting design ideas

Cambridgeshire garden

A modern English landscape

Our landscape design creates a large contemporary garden that seamlessly integrates modern architecture by award-winning architects shedkm with the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside. 

The garden design employs some of the design principles of an 'English landscape garden' in a bold, imaginative way, with a contemporary palette of materials, to create a beautiful modern garden.

Colm Joseph Gardens Cambridgeshire Garden design multi stem tree corten steel water feature boulder seats landscape views
Colm Joseph Cambridgeshire modern garden design and contemporary landscape design with water feature of corten steel and limestone paving & boulders


Restrained and crisp hard landscaping is set against the loose, naturalistic and wildlife-friendly planting.

A series of corten steel water features carve through the sawn limestone paving and boulder seats of the main terrace, echoing the linear waterways of the Fens and reflecting the agricultural character of the place.

modern planting design purple moor grass molinia heidebraut and white wood aster divaricatus Colm Joseph garden designer
Echinacea White Swan and bumblebee naturalistic planting design contemporary wildlife friendly garden Colm Joseph

perennial meadow alongside modern architecture contemporary planting design ideas by Colm Joseph Cambridgeshire Garden designer

Views of the neighbouring church and the Fenland landscape are concealed and revealed to create a sense of journey, anticipation and drama as you move through the space.

Planting throughout embraces seasonal change in synch with the surrounding countryside, with native hedgerow boundaries and multi-stem trees offering spring blossom and beautiful autumn colour.

An innovative 600m2 rose meadow creates dramatic views from the main living spaces of the house out to the Cambridgeshire countryside.

Cambridgeshire Garden designer ornamental perennial meadow and winding gravel path to church view designed by Colm Joseph
Cambridgeshire Garden design by Colm Joseph modern natural stone terrace and corten steel water feature and boulder seats with wildlife friendly planting and countryside views

Limestone, water and naturalistic planting connect the modern architecture with the surrounding Cambridgeshire landscape

Modern garden room with beautiful naturalistic wildlife friendly planting contemporary architecture and garden design by Colm Joseph
Echinacea Magnus and tortoiseshell butterfly wildlife friendly planting design contemporary modern garden by Colm Joseph
Salvia caradonna rudbeckia calamagrostis verbena bonariensis planting combinations modern planting and contemporary garden design in Cambridgeshire by Colm Joseph

Molinia Heidebraut in autumn sunlight Cambridgeshire garden designer Colm Joseph

In the front garden, a minimalist planting design of multi-stem Amelanchier lamarckii trees underplanted with Hakonechloa macra grass creates a striking arrival area. 

Closer to the house, a sculptural 'river' of corten steel screens is designed to partially conceal and reveal views as you move through the space. The steel screens also add verticality to help balance the garden with the strong visual presence of the architecture. 

Modern garden design with minimalist planting of Amelanchier lamarckii and Hakonechloa macra Cambridgeshire front garden and gravel driveway by Colm Joseph
Modern garden design and architecture in Cambridgeshire with ornamental grasses, perennials, multi-stem trees and corten steel sculpture screens by Colm Joseph
Contemporary planting design ideas ornamental grasses, perennials, multi-stem trees and corten steel sculpture screens, modern garden designer Cambridgeshire Colm Joseph

Approaching the house, the minimalist driveway planting design transitions to more naturalistic, diverse planting of herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses. 

The planting softens the architecture and helps connect the house to the beautiful rural landscape.  

Amelanchier lamarckii multi-stem tree in gravel, modern architecture and naturalistic planting design by Cambridgeshire contemporary garden designer Colm Joseph


Modern garden design with ornamental grasses, perennials, multi-stem trees - Cornus mas, Sesleria autumnalis, Aster little carlow - and corten steel sculpture screens by Colm Joseph
Cornus mas multi-stem tree, Sesleria autumnalis, Aster little carlow, Stachys Hummelo seedbeds and corten steel sculpture screens by modern garden designer Colm Joseph


Colm Joseph Cambridgeshire garden designer modern garden design plan


Colm Joseph Cambridgeshire garden designers modern contemporary multi stem Amelanchier lamarckii tree and rendered wall


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