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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

THE Perennial Lifeline GardeN

We’re proud to announce our design for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019, The Perennial Lifeline Garden. The garden will be located in the centre of the Great Pavilion and will be a walk-through exhibit open for the public to explore. We’ve designed the garden for horticultural charity, Perennial.

The design features a classical rose garden reimagined through modern planting design as a more sustainable and low maintenance ‘rose meadow’. Alongside this, freestanding metal screens, stone and topiary columns, and a pair of modern ‘fountains’ combine in a modern reimagining of a classical colonnade. Multi-stem trees add their sculptural form, helping to frame views through the space.

contemporary rose garden and colonnade RHS chelsea flower show Colm Joseph 2.jpg


a modern country garden

This design creates a modern country garden on a two-acre site in rural Suffolk. 

Space is shaped throughout in a restrained, modernist style but with a site-sensitive approach. Linear geometry and carefully considered composition combine with highly naturalistic planting that evokes the local countryside. In this way, the design aims to seamlessly integrate architecture, garden and landscape. 

The garden transitions north to south from a sense of enclosure to openness, moving from woodland, to ornamental meadow, to wide-open prairie. These transitions echo the changing character of the Suffolk landscape over time, from ancient woodland, to pastoral meadow, to prairie-like arable fields.

Seasonal change also sweeps north to south through the garden. Woodland planting peaks in late winter and spring, the ornamental meadow in late spring and summer, and the prairie in summer and autumn, the latter holding its structure and texture deep into winter. 

The materiality of the design resonates with the architecture and agricultural character of the site. Limestone, flint, rammed earth, and oak celebrate the natural materiality of East Anglia. The naturalistic planting references the character and flora of Suffolk. 

It is unmistakably an East Anglian landscape; one which offers the riches of space and time.

modern studio architecture contemporary design woodland garden 2.jpg

Cambridge garden

This design aims to create an immersive and precious living space in the landscape within this small Cambridge garden.

The local countryside is brought into the garden, and in turn into the house. Seasonal transformations are emphasised and celebrated through naturalistic planting. Alongside this, a simple, restrained palette of hard landscaping brings a sense of calm and stillness amongst the loose, ever- changing planting.

Planting close to the glazed elevation of the house blurs the boundaries between house, garden and landscape, integrating daily experience of all three. Trees and other planting screen views from the house to create a sense of intrigue and discovery. The transition from house into garden is via a single step, creating a feeling of stepping directly into the landscape.

This garden will be built in Spring / Summer 2019, with photographs to follow.

small cambridge garden design naturalistic contemporary colm joseph.jpg


This design integrates the garden with the recently modernised architecture and surrounding Chilterns landscape.

To the front of the house, the garden has a soft, enveloping woodland feel. To the rear, contoured landforms and an ornamental meadow create a visual link to spectacular view of the rolling Chilterns landscape.

A large natural swimming pond is positioned where the garden meets the Chiltern Hills - a perfect spot to relax.

contemporary family garden natural swimming pond 2.jpg


This design blends modern and traditional in two courtyard gardens nestled within converted barns in the West Sussex countryside. The site is home to a company specialising in the sale of authentic Cretan pots.

The layout is simple and elegant. Materials are restrained but applied in exciting combinations. The planting provides year-round structure and interest, with a fiery autumn display.

The design harmoniously blends old and new, while celebrating the agricultural character of the site.

sandstone corten water features pleached trees modern courtyard 2.jpg



A modern interpretation of Georgian landscapes, our design transforms the grounds of Cambridge Cottage, a popular events venue at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The design emphasises and plays with two major themes of Georgian landscape design - views and (in)formality - interpreted with a contemporary eye.

The design includes an avenue of Liquidambar styraciflua, underplanted with Hakonechloa macra. Other areas feature structural planting of multi-stem trees and beech hedging, alongside softer ornamental grasses and perennials. 

The hard landscaping features aged copper water tanks, sawn limestone plank paving, and bespoke sawn limestone seating.

contemporary garden design georgian copper water feature 2.jpg