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contemporary garden design, RHS CHELSEA flower show 2019

perennial lifeline garden, garden desgn journal feature

Our design for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019: The Perennial Lifeline Garden has been featured in the Society of Garden Designer’s Garden Design Journal. This contemporary garden is designed for horticultural charity, Perennial. It will be located in the centre of the Great Pavilion and will be a walk-though garden, open for the public to explore.

The Perennial Lifeline Garden is modern garden design inspired by classical design principles. It a classical rose garden reimagined as a more sustainable and low maintenance ‘rose meadow’. Alongside this, freestanding metal screens, stone and topiary columns and a pair of modern ‘fountains’ combine in a modern reimagining of a classical colonnade.

A contemporary rill flows through and around the garden, adding life and sound to the structural planted elements, representing the ‘lifeline’ that Perennial is so often described as by the people it supports. To learn more about Perennial, visit

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